"Mammejong" (2014), produced by Lucil Films and shot in 35mm by Jean-Louis Schuller. Starring: Max Thommes, Myriam Müller, Maja Juric, Jules Werner, Christiane Rausch.

My first fiction feature (82 min.) was developed through EAVE program and supported by the FilmFund. Released to national theaters in January 2015.

In the wild nowhere of northern Luxembourg. Man-child ‘FLEPP’ (20) and his reclusive mother Sophie (45) live a strange symbiosis. Everything changes with the arrival of mysterious runaway LEENA (19). Flëpp understands that if he wants to win Leena’s heart, he will have to sever the umbilical cord that is suffocating him. But is he ready to be saved?

Watch it on

"Mammejong" on IMDB.


"With the Dust / En compagnie de la poussière" (2008)

My first professional short film, produced by Frakas and PTD. Starring: Thomas Coumans, Guillaume Dumont, Jean-Jacques Rausin, Anne-Catherine Regniers.

Selected in the official competition at Locarno 2008, plus selections in 30+ festivals worldwide. Shown on ARTE.

At the frontier between youth and adulthood, François is in love with Michel. Michel doesn't seem to care. The arrival of Alice, a capricious young woman, threatens to disturb this strange equilibrium.

"Bonobo" (2009)

My second professional short film (2009), produced by Frakas and Fabrique d'Images. Starring: Cédric Eeckhout, Anaël Snoek, Jean-Jacques Rausin.

Shown on FRANCE 2 channel, "Bonobo" was also part of an Amazon website competition.


Tormented by the break-up with his girlfriend Laura, the film editor Regis works on a documentary about Bonobos. Contrasts begin to appear between their utopian society and his own life.



sweetheart come

The documentary feature "Sweetheart Come" (2012), produced by Red Lion and supported by the FilmFund, presents the viewer with a radiography of sexuality in Luxembourg.

One person’s innermost desire may be his neighbor’s taboo. Through portraits of eleven people with vastly different backgrounds, “Sweetheart Come” deals with the borders we cross with great strides… and the walls we’re building up inside to protect ourselves. it asks the question: in a tiny country of stupendous wealth and diversity such as Luxembourg, what must people do to belong?

Watch the full-length film


"Listen" is an initiative of STOP AIDS NOW Luxembourg and was shot in Sénégal and Guinea-Bissau. Running time: 38'

Stigma and discrimination remain the main obstacles to end the HIV epidemic, especially in Western Africa. The African NGO “Enda Santé” is working closely with the Luxembourg NGO “Stop Aids Now” to realise a project called FEVE – fighting for the most vulnerable populations’s access to health. This documentary gives a unique glimpse into the lives of three people who take part in this project. The global fight against HIV / Aids isn’t over, but these activists show us how to overcome the obstacles. 


music videos


"Bonjour an Awuer" (2015)

Music project with recording artist Serge Tonnar. The resulting video is a collaboration between Serge and patients suffering from dementia. Funded by the Family Ministry.

The full "making-of" (33 min.) of this amazing 3-month experience is available here.

"Rooftops & Bottle Bottoms" (2015)

The very first music video for Metz recording artist Nicolas Quirin. Starring Xenia Katina.

"Away" (2013)

Music video for Luxembourgish recording artist Daniel Balthasar & Band. Produced in collaboration with the Ermesinde high school and its young talents.

"Accidentally" (2009)

Music video for Daniel Balthasar & Band. One of the first videos shot on a Canon 5D in Luxembourg.

commercials / corporate

2011 Commercial for Luxembourg AIDS prevention organisation "Paticka"

VFX by Jeff Desom

Second corporate video for award-winning organisation SPORTUNITY event "Meet an Athlete" in Nov. 2015, featuring legendary athlete Debbie Ferguson McKenzie.

Video of the first SPORTUNITY "Meet an Athlete" event on July 11th, 2015 @ Maison des Jeunes Pétange. Featuringworld-class boxing champion Hassan N'Dam.

Video recording & edit for choreographer Sylvia Camarda's "Warrior of Beauty" (2013).

Video recording & edit for choreographer Anu Sistonen's "Duo Duu" (2013)

"Le carnaval de Saëns" (2013).

Video commissionned by Gilles Vérièpe company from Lille. The choreography was designed for « Le carnaval des animaux »  by Camille Saint Saëns 

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