"Listen" nominated for Luxembourg film prize

Congrats to our team, our protagonists and to our producer Stop Aids Now! 

"Listen" has been officially nominated for the "Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis", as part of the documentary competition. We are proud to have been selected alongside prestigious films such as "Foreign Affairs" and "La Supplication", both of which have been screened in international festivals.



The ceremony will be held on Sept.22. We'll keep you updated on how "Listen" will fare!


"Listen" out on VOD

My documentary "Listen", about HIV/Aids-related prejudice in West Africa, is finally out on VOD. The film is available with French or English subtitles and has a running time of 38 minutes.

Please follow this link (unfortunately, viewing is geo-locked to Luxembourg territory).


vod screenshot2.jpg

"Listen" screenshots

Get a sneak peek for my upcoming documentary "Listen", shot in West Africa in May and July.

Africa doc post-production

Hey folks, I've been busy shaping the West Africa documentary "Listen" (tackling the subject of discrimination and stigma related to HIV/AIDS) into 38 minutes of pure emotion! We're moving into sound mix and grading soon, check this space for screening dates.

(yes, that's a Conan o'Brien mug from 2003 right there ;-)

(yes, that's a Conan o'Brien mug from 2003 right there ;-)

West Africa

 I'm preparing a documentary about FEVE - a program destined to give universal care to vulnerable populations in several West African countries, mostly Senegal and Guineau-Bissau.

The film will be screened on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1.

The Ministère des Affaires Etrangères (Foreign Affairs) was kind enough to fund a large part of the projet's budget. Luxembourgish NGO Stop Aids Now launched the idea for this documentary.

Here are a few impressions!